[Tikva mission in 2006.]

What I saw in the Ukraine

Winter, 1997

Joel M. Hoffman, PhD

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BY POPULAR DEMAND, here are some pictures from my 1997 trip to the Ukraine, which comprised teaching at a WUPJ pre-Hanukkah seminar for lay-leaders from across the FSU, held not far from Kiev, in addition to visits to the cities of Kiev, Chernovsti and Vinnitsa. What I saw and experienced was nothing short of amazing. The pictures here complement my full written description

I'm grateful to the World Union of Progressive Judaism (WUPJ) for arranging my trip and much more for the work they are doing in the FSU.

I've divided the pictures by place:

Chernovsti: pictures of the Jewish Day School, an Israeli dance troupe rehearsing, and a phenomenally artistic Hanukkah show.

Vinnitsa: pictures of the city, the Jewish kindergarten kids lighting Shabbat candles, a Hanukkah party, and a celebration at the local Sochnut office.

Pre-Hanukkah Seminar, run by the WUPJ. A brand new Russian/Hebrew Siddur was introduced at the seminar.

Kiev: pictures of the local progressive congregation ("Hatikvah") celebrating Havdalah and then Hanukkah. I've also added some pictures of Kiev itself.

For more information about my trip, or to let me know what you think of what you found here, feel free to write me.