SWFS in Pictures!

Here's the growing collection of pictures from SWFS. Enjoy...!
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SWFS Protests to Help Darfur
SWFSTY's wonderful Bet Cafe!
5th/6th/7th/8th grade retreat.
7th/8th grade overnight.
6th Graders on Monday still looking for states in Hebrew. (But no Uri.)
6th Graders on Monday looking for states in Hebrew. (And Uri on his bicycle.)
6th Graders (M/W) studying and learning (and dying to ask questions!)
6th Graders on Sunday building the Tabernacle (and talking on bottle phones).

The last week of Hebrew School
6th graders hiding behind chairs
Mitzvah Day
Along with hundreds of thousands of others, SWFS marched on Washington!
SWFSTY Passover Program for 5th/6th Grade
5/6 Retreat!
School trip to Ellis Island and the Lower East Side (November 9)

Club 56 goes rock climbing!
Joel's 6th grade class making "Shalom" paper midrash
A Tuesday Afternoon at SWFS.
6th grade class hanging out and dancing.
Club 56 goes to Lazer Tag.
SWFS Junior Youth Group at Chelsea Piers!

Tal and Joel's Tuesday classes hanging out.
Joel's 5th grade class hanging out.
7/8/9 Retreat at Kutz Camp
SWFSTY pictures

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